Working responsibly

Enabling Circular Economy

End of life / Waste tyres are among the largest and most problematic source of waste in the world. Due to the large volume produced their durability and presence of compound like carbon, Sulphur etc. disposal of which is ecologically problematic.

Incorrect disposal considered problematic of old tyres can create all kinds of environmental and health hazards. Not only do end-of-life tyres clog up landfills in their vast numbers and take up valuable land space, but they also provide an unsanitary breeding ground for mosquitoes and other vermins. Other risks include the leaching of chemicals into the environment and the release of toxic gases through tyre stockpile fires or burning thereof.


TRIL recovers 99.5% material from End-of-Life Tires (ELT), converting them into specialized and high-quality recycled material.


This recycled material is further supplied to leading Tyre and Conveyor Belt manufacturing companies and help them to reduce their consumption of virgin Polymers.

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