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Among the largest producer of MRP from 80-170 mesh from Radial Trucks and Buses tyres. In the process, the steel wires are removed using a number of magnets. Micronized Rubber Powder is having a very high surface area. During the compounding, the rubber penetrates into these hi structure particles and a strong mechanical bond is created.

When mixed in a rubber compound, Micronized Rubber Powder becomes one with it and imparts high properties. found that by using 10 phr of Micronized rubber powder, no loss of properties was observed thus affecting cost reduction & helping tyre companies to achieving their sustainability goals.

Generally 2/3 phr of fine crumb were used to improve mould flow of complicated designs like tyre tread.

A detailed study was done in USA in association with the largest tyre companies confirming the use of MRP  in new tyres. To get the best results, MRP has to be mixed with the rubber in the initial stage before adding other fillers so that the MRP penetrates into the polymer MRP.



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