Producing reclaim rubber is the most traditional way of recycling waste tyres. Unfortunately in the conventional process, the rubber molecules are cut to smaller length by oxidation which causes sharp drop in tensile strength and fall in abrasion properties. This process also causes pollution by emitting effluent waste and obnoxious gasses.

We, at Tinna, follow the latest environmental friendly technology which does not use steam thereby neither producing any effluent nor releasing any foul smell in the atmosphere. In this latest mechanical process, the tensile is retained at a much higher value. Compared with the conventional reclaim having a tensile of 3.5-4.5 mpa, the new technology makes reclaim of 7-10 mpa tensile.

We also manufacture compounded reclaim having a tensile of 13-15 mpa. This pre compounded reclaim can be used in a variety of rubber products without incorporating carbon black. This is a great advantage to rubber factories as the use of carbon black makes the rubber factory and its surroundings extremely dirty and by using compounded reclaim, the use of carbon black is eliminated. The cost advantage of reclaim is very high as power consumption, labor and machinery utilization goes down tremendously.