TINNA CRUMB RUBBER MODIFIED BITUMEN is the best and most suitable for Indian Roads for all weather, highways, dense traffic roads, junctions, airfield runways, heavy duty and high traffic sea port roads etc. It is highly durable and dependable economical solution for raveling, undulation, rutting, bleeding, shoving and potholes solutions.

TINNA CRMB is superior version to IRC Specification 53/2002 & IS 15462/2004


It is used for wearing course & Binder course like Semi dense Bituminous Concrete (SDBC), Dense Bituminous Macadam (DBM) and Bituminous Concrete (BC) or Asphalt Concrete (AC).


  • Higher resistance to deformation and increased Road temperature enhances smooth drive comforts.
  • Improved adhesion and bonding with aggregates, Higher Softening Point, High Flow resistance and Higher Impact Resistance to withstand movement of Heavy Vehicle Traffic.
  • Higher Skid Resistance, Better Road Grip and smoother vehicle break application reduces accident chances substantially.
  • Higher elongation and Tensile strength, increases elasticity, reduced Thermal Sensitivity reduces the chances of all types of cracks under stress.
  • Reduces degree of rutting, improves driving comfort even on Higher Axle Load.
  • Higher Anti-Stripping properties and highly resistance to moisture / water absorption reduces the chance of damage of roads during heavy rain even under improper drainage.
  • Higher aging resistance due to passivity to oxidation (Resist degradation on high application temperature as well as during summer ensures longer life of pavement with lesser maintenance).