Solid steel shots are made from high quality high carbon grade-II wire. Each particle is cut to a length about equal to its diameter. Our feedstock is imported directly by us and is far superior to the indigenous high carbon grade -II wire. A brief comparison and advantages of using solid steel shots is as follows:

Basis Steel Shots Solid Steel Shots
Raw Material Basis Raw Material has far lower physical property & composition; obliviously causes blow hole & porosity which makes the shots to fracture into small particle. Raw Material is of exact composition without any material defect (blow holes, porosity, shrinkage ets.), and wear out nominally during it's use.
Hardness Various a lot (40-50 HRC) Marginal Variation (50-52 HRC)
Dust High Dust Generation No dust generation
Grain Size Varies a lot No variation
Performance Consistency Lower consistency as size and hardness varies a lot High consistency as size and hardness have no variation
Time Consumption Higher consumption of shots increase working cycle time Reduces time for shot blasting
Shots Consumption Higher Consumption Consumption reduces by 30% to 50% compared to steel shots
Inventory Cost Higher inventory due to high consumption , more money and space required Saves on inventory cost, eventually reducing operation cost


Solid steel shot designation (mm) Equivalent cast shot size
0.80 S-330
1.00 S-390
1.20 S-460
1.40 S-550
1.60 S-660
1.90 -2.00 S-780


Carbon 0.60% to 0.80%
Manganese 1.10% max
Sulphur 0.045% max
Phosphorous 0.035% max
Silicon 0.35% max
Hardness 50-55 HRC

Cost Analysis

Properties Cast Shot Solid Steel shot Saving By using Solid Steel Shots
Required quantity 1000 kg 600 kg
Rate casted shot 50.00 Imported steel shots 57.00
Total cost 50000.00 34200.00
Silicon 0.35% max
Monthly saving Nil 15800.00
Annual saving Nil 190,000.00 190,000.00
Environment Higher Dust generation No Dust Generation
Performance consistency/td> Consistent performance not possible due to fast size deterioration Consistent performance