Tinna Bitumen Emulsion – A trusted Brand, Quality of our produce is endorsed and trusted by various road consultants and by our esteemed customers.

The fully computerized plant capable of producing 12 TPH Bitumen Emulsion of very high quality has been imported from ENH Engineering, Denmark, world leaders in Asphalt modification machinery manufacturing.

A fully equipped laboratory with all testing facilities complements the Emulsion manufacturing plant studded with the most advanced PILOT PLANT for making trial samples.

At Tinna, we are manufacturing all the grades of cationic bitumen emulsions meeting BIS standards for various applications such as tack coat, prime coat, surface dressing, fog seal, crack seal, pot hole repair etc.

Advantages of using Bitumen Emulsion

  • Emulsification requires no petroleum solvents. (Somemixing grade emulsions may have small amounts ofsolvent to enhance mixing qualities.)
  • Bitumen emulsion applications produce no or minimalhydrocarbon emissions.
  • Used at ambient temperatures, emulsions require noadded heat for most applications and produce minimalfumes.
  • Emulsions are ideal for non-attainment areas wherefume emissions are limited.
  • Emulsions are ideal for remote locations where thereare no hot mix plants.
  • Bitumen emulsions readily coat damp aggregate surfaces,reducing the fuel required for drying aggregates.
  • Pavement preservation applications greatly reduceneeds for raw materials and energy for corrective maintenance and reconstruction.
  • Preserved, smoother pavements reduce vehicle repair and fuel needs.

The manufacturing and processing is handled by a team of highly skilled professionals from the industry who are dedicated towards producing high quality bitumen Emulsion.